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knossos_ceramicsMinoan civilisation has drawn its freshness and inventiveness from the magnificent diversity of Cretan nature.
This same diversity has instilled in the inhabitants of Minoan Crete the ability to transform the earth into ceramics of the highest quality.

Minoan ceramists reach the peak of their artistic expression creating beautiful and extraordinarily technical ceramic pots, which depict with great vitality and exquisite design the animal and plant kingdom of Minoan Crete.

Within the same natural environment and in the same great tradition, the potters of Thrapsano continue to create masterpieces worthy of the art of Minoan pottery.

The "MINOS" Potters Co-operative of Thrapsano was established in 1977 by the potters of Thrapsano with the aim of cooperation in the production and distribution of ceramic products.

From then until now the Potters Co-operative of Thrapsano has worked tirelessly reaching the highest standards and ranks first in preference for foreigners as well as Greeks who work in the field of ceramics.

ceramics pottery thrapsano crete greeceThe name "MINOS" is world renowned and is synonymous with Cretan ceramics of excellent quality and wide ranging design. At our co-operative one can choose from an innumerable variety of designs and sizes of pots, from the very small to the huge jars made with the utmost care and attention to detail.

They are all cooked in our traditional wooden kiln which gives them the colour of traditional Cretan ceramics.

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